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Leaf Cut 2016

Ink and acrylic on paper

40 x 40"

Leaf Cuts explores painting as the subject itself and the transitional space it occupies when the surface of the painting is altered. 


A painting with an altered surface is a site of transition from non-physical to physical since painting is traditionally two dimensional, and therefore an illusion on the wall. Bringing the painting into a three dimensional space, it becomes an object one would need to view in comparison to one’s body, it becomes “real” - no longer an illusion on the wall. The painting then occupies the space between fiction and non-fiction, the unreal and real. The attributes of the painting shape the figure’s subjectivity, highlighting its transitional state of self and non-self. Therefore, the development of the self in this image is continuous and un-ending. The image suggests the enduring progress of defining the female Subject. 

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