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Pas De Deux in the

Time of Quarantine

Pas De Deux, in the Time of Quarantine is a project, where dancers quarantined in Santiago, Chile; Los Angeles, California; Berlin Germany; Sofia, Bulgaria; Buseyi, Iganga, Uganda; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and many other locations around the world submitted videos dancing wherever they are quarantined. Videos were then paired and the stills transformed into these paintings; as if the dancers were occupying the same space, dancing, and connecting, together. 

This project was created as part of the exhibition Dyads: Altered Bodies, Converging Forms Sapira Cheuk's solo exhibition at Vision Gallery in Chandler Arizona. On view from Aug. 29 to Oct. 3, 2020. 


“Pas De Deux” is a ballet term that refers to a dance of two people, something difficult to achieve with physical separation, especially during the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic. 


When a certain diagnosis is assigned, it alters immediately the patient’s outlook on life. It separates a diagnosed body from a non-diagnosed body - not just physically, but also psychologically. The diagnosis acts as a timestamp that separates not only the ‘normal’ healthy body from the ‘diseased’ body, but also life, pre and post-diagnosis for the patient. The quarantine orders during the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic acted similarly, at once separating and isolating. The world was collectively diagnosed, and collectively experienced loss. As the world lived through this change, folks sought out new ways of connecting and coping. The project Pas De Deux, in the time of quarantine is one way art was used to form connections and cope with that change. At the same time, the project aims to document art being produced under these historical conditions.

This project was also featured in Nevada Humanities Heart to Heart serise, find out more here

Contributing Dancers: 

Nicole Chochrek  (Albuquerque, New Mexico. USA) Instagram

Ana Rosa Manzanera (Valence, Valenciana, Spain)

Stella Koulouvardi (Athens, Greece) Instagram

Balidawa Hussein (Buseyi, Iganga, Uganda)

Autumn Eckman (Tuscon, Arizona, USA.)

Diego Garrido (Barcelona, Spain)  Facebook/Instagram

Kalina Georgieva Georgieva (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Manuel Badás Álvarez (Barcelona, Spain)

Kalina Georgieva Georgieva (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Duna Dias Viana and Socorro Dias (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Brazil) Website/Instagram/Instagram/Instagram

Sol Dugatkin  (Santiago, Chile) Instagram/Vimeo

Isabelle Campagne (Bergamo, Italy)

Pablo Piantino  (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.)

Agustina Miranda  (Berlin, Germany) Instagram

Laura Guy  (Berlin, Germany) Instagram

Angela D'Alessandro (Rome, Italy)

Zoi Eleftheriou (Cyprus)

Indra Dance Company (Reus, Spain)

Eric Languet (Reunion Island, French Republic)

Diana Shepherd (Ireland) Instagram

Jenn Edwards  (Newfoundland, Canada) Instagram

Su Güzey  (Istanbul, Turkey)

Elena Biagini and Emma Panini (Italy) Instagram

Eva Kolarova  (Montreal, Canada)

Lena Rykner  (Jerusalem, Isreal)

Tejaswini Loundo (Milan, Italy) Vimeo/Instagram

John DeCastro (Los Angeles, California, USA.)

Claire Loussouarn (London, United Kingdom)

Dominique Rivoal (London, United Kingdom)

Giovanni "Messi" Messina (London, United Kingdom) Instagram

Annelise Bucher and Andrew Corpuz (Irvine, California, USA. and Vancouver, Canada)

Philip McDermott (Newfoundland, Canada) Facebook

Anna Zurkirchen  (Brussels, Belgium)​ Instagram

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